Free Loot for Moms

I discovered Wendy Piersall’s Momsational earlier this week and just had to share this. The site features contests, coupons, & other free stuff for Moms. Typically, all you have to do to enter the giveaways is simply leave a comment on the contest post. And you can subscribe via RSS feed or have the frequent updates delivered right to your email inbox!

February ’08 Blogtipping – Parentipping

Blogtipping iconAs prospective new parents, Dede & I tried to do whatever we could to prepare for this new role.   We took classes, read books, subscribed to magazines, and along the way, we also discovered a number of great blogs & web sites that offer loads of parenting innovations, insights, & inspiration.   Since February 1st was our official Gotcha Day, it seemed only appropriate to use this month’s Blogtipping post to showcase parenting blogs…

(Giving credit where it’s rightfully due, "Blogtipping" was coined by Easton Ellsworth over at Business BlogWire as an opportunity to say three nice things — and offer one suggestion for improvement — to three well-deserving fellow bloggers.)

ParentHacks from Asha Dornfest is one of Dede’s favorite blogs that offers, in their own words, "parenting tips from the real experts: actual parents."   I love the fun Swiss Army knife-inspired logo, but what really keeps us coming back is:

  1. The wealth of tips, tricks, & techniques that every parent — seasoned pros & newbies, alike — can use.
  2. Frequent updates means there’s always something fresh & new to discover!
  3. RSS subscription option makes keeping up-to-date with the site a breeze!
  • Tip: I can’t think of a single suggestion for improving this blog, so just get over there & check it out!

FamilyHack from Michael Davis & (naturally) his family features some great parenting tips.   I’ve refered to Michael’s blog before, but it’s worth mentioning again because of:

  1. Great articles with very practical & applicable pointers.
  2. Great travel tips from someone who’s obviously been there &amp back!
  3. Great videos with parenting tips & tricks.
  • Tip: What’s not to like?   I’m hoping that the Davis family has even more opportunities to add great content in ’08.

Healthy Children by Dr. Steven Parker on the WebMD site is a recent discovery but I’m finding that I really like his take on pediatric health issues & child-raising topics because:

  1. He doesn’t just go along with established notions without first doing some in-depth review.
  2. His posts cover a broad range, so there’s a wealth of info in the archives.
  3. You can subscribbe to the weekly articles via RSS feed.
  • Tip: The search feature on Dr. Parker’s blog is a little clunky and sometimes doesn’s seem very effective.

Now it’s your turn!   Is there a parenting or family-related blog site that you love?   Post a comment and share it with us!