Pimpin’ the Site

Trey sent us a photo this week of his son Zach that just begged to be blogged.   You may recall that Zach was quite expressive even before he was born.   Well, now he’s using his outspoken attitude & incredible sense of style to help promote our 2Dolphins website.

Zach wearing a 2Dolphins bib

After this, I’m sure you’ll all be craving our cool swag, so be sure to cruise on over to the 2Dolphins Marketplace to get your very own, limited-edition, high-quality gear featuring our custom site logo and/or graphics!

Silly Legal Disclaimer:
We reserve the right to only sell our awesome products to those interested in purchasing the stuff.   The content on the CafePress 2Dolphins Marketplace, including our snappy captions & clever product descriptions, is provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the stuff actually looking cool, having limited availability, or being constructed of high-quality materials.   The purchaser fully assumes the risk of appearing uncool while wearing our stuff — although we think you’ll be totally stylin’.


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