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I read a post on Melissa’s Sarcomical blog about an article by Neil Kramer who decided to seek immortality by coining his own deli specialty, a.k.a. “The Neilochka.” I wondered, could it be that designing a signature sandwich really is the recipe for fame & fortune? Well heck, I can do that!

Anyone who’s tried ’em can attest that our 2Dolphins Tuna Wraps are awesome — although admittedly, I was a bit off the mark when I made this for Karen P. last month. (I was experimenting with chipotle mayo and got a little carried away!) So here’s the high protein, high fiber, kick-butt wrap that laughs heartily at other, lesser excuses for sammiches:

2Dolphins Tuna Wrap

2Dolphins Tuna Wrap sandwich   1 pkg Albacore tuna (in the pouch, not canned!)
   2-3 dollops of real mayo
   2 spoonfuls of dill relish
   1 finely chopped celery stick
   Several liberal pinches of finely chopped parsley, green onion, and/or chives
   Coupla sprinkles of red pepper flakes
   Splash (or two) of Tabasco sauce

Serve with shredded sharp Cheddar cheese and Romaine or Green Leaf lettuce on a 10″ Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat Tortilla.

So, what would be the ingredients of your signature sandwich and what would you call it?


  1. If that photo is your actual wrap, unless those red things in the photoare really HUGE red pepper flakes, looks like you left tomato off your ingredient list. Any reason you recommend pouch tuna over canned? Hmm. Will have to go google that. When I want extra crunch in my tuna salad, I always add chopped carrot. I’ve usually got a big bag of julienned carrot slivers in the fridge (thank you 99cent store!) and they add crunch, color, fiber, a tad of sweetness, and they last much longer than celery in the fridge, so they make a good stand in if you’re celery has gone over. A sprinkle of celery seeds with the carrots makes up for any lack of celery flavor if I’m out of celery.

  2. Kate, I couldn’t get a really good pic of my own wraps, so I used a stock photo. Sometimes I use some red bell pepper or purple onion for added crunch. We usually do munch on carrot sticks with our wraps since those are one of the few veggies that Liam really loves and never needs any prompting to eat. The pouch tuna is much fresher tasting and has a nice, non-mushy texture. It’s slightly more expensive, but worth every penny!

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