Junetipping v2.0

Blogtipping iconWith most of the monthly Blogtipping posts I’ve done, there’s been a central topic or theme to tie together the 3 blogs I’m showcasing.   (It seemed relevant for this past April’s post, for example, to focus on finances for the sake of April 15th a.k.a. "Tax Day.")   However, June’s featured sites don’t really have a unifying theme;   It’s just another grab-bag of assorted, but very worthwhile blogs I’d like to recognize & share:

Glassy Eyes by Ira Mitchell aims to pull the curtain back on the mystifying & monopolistic world of prescription eyeglasses to show you how you can get quality glasses for as little as $20!   (Dede & I hadn’t discovered this blog before we gambled on , but given how well that worked out, I’m likely to try this for myself next time I’m ready for some new specs.)

  1. Ira’s not just talking smack here — he really wears glasses that were purchased online — several pairs, in fact.
  2. He arms you with all the info you need to confidently purchase eyewear online at a fraction of the prices of places like LensCrafters or EyeMasters!
  3. The site is chocked full of research, forums, articles, customer stories, retailer links, & even discount codes!
  • Tip: I’d sure like to see the forums moved from Google Groups to a more capable platform like vBulletin or PHPBB.

[Geeks are Sexy] is a group blog from Canada that focuses on a wide variety of fun technology news.   [GAS] is one of my regular reads because:

  1. Offbeat science & tech news & commentary.
  2. Frequently updated content means there’s always something fresh & interesting to read here.
  3. The website is clean & easy to navigate, but you can also subscribe via email or RSS feed.
  • Tip: Hey Kiltak, maybe you could arrange for more cool freebies like tech vendor swag?

The Art of Manliness calls itself "a blog dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man."   Sure enough, it’s an incredible resource for guys — and even has a few things that’ll appeal to gals as well.   There’s lots to like here:

  1. Tons of useful & practical tips & techniques.
  2. Thought-provoking articles with loads of reader comments to keep the conversations going.
  3. I like the classic feel that the old-school artwork & photos give the site’s excellent design.
  • Tip: I can’t think of anything to add — this blog is awesome!

Now it’s your turn!   Have a new blog you’d like to share?   Post a comment!