July 2008 Blogtipping

Blogtipping sign icon"Blogtipping" was created by Easton Ellsworth over at Business BlogWire to offer 3 complements & a tip or constructive comment to 3 fellow bloggers each month.   With so much going on in analog world, Dede & I have barely had time to keep up with anything digital, so our Blogtipping for July is another assortment of unrelated, but still very cool blogs that we think you should take a peek at:

Let’s Explore by Amy Anderson offers lots of inventive & inexpensive activities, crafts, & even snacks for kids.   Dede wanted to highlight this site because:

  1. It features loads of things to keep kids hands & minds busy.
  2. Amy proves that kids’s stuff can be both frugal and fun!
  3. Great mini-reviews of children’s books.
  • Tip: Hey Amy, maybe you should add an "About" page so we can get to know a bit more about you?

The Simple Dollar from Trent Hamm offers "cents and sense" with simple ways to manage finances, save a little money, and improve your life.   This is a recent find that quickly landed in my Google Reader list because:

  1. Truckloads of practical finance & lifestyle tips.
  2. The blog is frequently updated with fresh & interesting new content and has lots of helpful reader comments.
  3. Clean & easy to navigate site design, plus email or RSS feed subscription.
  • Tip: The content is great, but I’d suggest adding a few more images to visually jazz up the posts.

I Do Things So You Don’t Have To is chocked full of all sorts of things, from kinda ordinary to adventurous to downright wacky, that JD is willing to let her readers experience vicariously through her.   There’s plenty to like about this blog:

  1. The author’s sharp wit makes even mundane "things" fun & interesting.
  2. Who else would live with a rodent, go on a crazy diet, have a tooth pulled, watch a crummy movie, or live through an allergic reaction — and then blog about it?
  3. You can subscribe to the RSS feed or have updates sent to you via email.
  • Tip: I can’t think of anything to add but I’m anxious to see what JD gets into next!

Now it’s your turn!   Have a new blog you’d like to share?   Post a comment!