As a longtime fan of Will Wright’s city building simulator game SimCity, I’m very familiar with the term NIMBY, which is an acronym for "Not In My Back Yard," a phrase used to describe resistance from citizens to the development of landfills, affordable housing (especially multi-family housing), industrial facilities, or other services or structures.   In the game (as in real life) citizens frequently boycott controversial, unsightly, or distasteful things from being located in their neighborhoods even if they themselves and/or those around will benefit from the construction.

Likewise, there’s an opposite acronym for those rare occasions when the people are excited about something new in their neighborhood — YIMBY.   And YIMBY, or "Yes In My Back Yard," is our new motto now that our swanky "Veranda" is complete!

The patio cover project progressed very rapidly and construction has actually been done for several days now, but we wanted to wrap up a few finishing details before the unveiling.   For more details, be sure to check out our Veranda & Back Yard page.

Completed patio cover

Of course, you can also peruse our 2Dolphins Resort & Spa page for revealing looks & other ongoing home improvement efforts throughout the rest of our house.