August Blogtipping

Blogtipping iconI like words with dual-personalities and so it’s all the more fun that I can say that the sites I’ve selected for the August Blogtipping are indeed an august (meaning noble, honored, impressive, or eminent) group.   This month’s picks are all part of the ever-growing and diverse ranks of Permian Basin bloggers:

Double Danger is James Cross’ foray into gardening, barbeque, & all sorts of other interesting stuff and it’s worth a look because:

  1. Loads of practical tips for making the most of your time in the backyard.
  2. James isn’t afraid to share his gardening dissappointments right along with the successes.
  3. Simple & clean site layout makes it easy to navigate around.
  • Tip: Hey James, maybe you could post some photos of your outdoor cooking gear?

Your Photo Tips from Damien Franco provides useful digital photography tips, techniques, & tutorials:

  1. The content is clear enough for even rank novices can understand & apply.
  2. The impressive photos featured on the blog!
  3. Keep up to date with either email or RSS feed subscription.
  • Tip: I’d like to see more regional photos to showcase some of the West Texas that’s not as well-known.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Sticky Doorknobs by Jimmy Patterson, veteran blogger, seasoned writer, and a man whose charitability clearly outweighs his fear of heights.   This blog is always at the top of my Google Reader list because:

  1. Jimmy’s wit & wisdom shine through in his writing.
  2. I admire the sense of community that "Sticky Doorknobs" inspires.
  3. Jimmy’s musical tastes & trivia contests keep me on my toes!
  • Tip: Hey Jimmy, when ya gonna beef up that "About" page a bit?

Bonus:   Not only is this site a part of the thriving virtual neighborhood of the Permian Basin, but Clems’ house is barely half a block down the street, so how could I not mention Clems & Soph’s   While it’s not a blog per se, their website has some great photo galleries, including lots of pictures of their daughter Sienna as well as Clems’ latest home improvement project that’s really amping up his house’s "curb appeal."

networked neighborhood

Be sure to check out the list of Midland-Odessa area bloggers over on the 2Dolphins Favorite Sites page.   And if you know of any regional bloggers whom I’ve omitted, please leave a comment and I’ll add ’em right away!