Photographic Memory

A few months ago when my Mom passed away suddenly, we were confronted with the daunting task of sorting through decades of stuff in her house.   Along the way, we uncovered a treasure trove of old pictures, many of which we’d never even seen before.   Ruby & Rich wanted copies of all of those old photos and I agreed to work on scanning them so we could get reprints done.

To scan a picture or two is no problem, but when you get into large batches or whole photo albums, it can be incredibly laborious process that quickly bogs down to a crawl.   Dede & I had wondered why there wasn’t someplace where you could drop off your photos and get them scanned by some high-speed, automatic machine.   Then she discovered DigMyPics.

Scott & Annette Crossen’s DigMyPics is a home-grown company located in Arizona that, for as little as 16¢ apiece, will scan your photos and send the high-resolution uncompressed TIFF or JPEG image files back on either CD or DVD in about 2 weeks.

  Their imaging professionals handle your pictures with the greatest care and use FedEx shipping to return your original photos quickly & securely.   Once you get your disc(s) of photos, you’re free to use & distribute them anyway you please.   It’s a cheap way to ensure that your family’s memories will still be around for future generations to explore.

The only real downside to all of this is that once you’ve pulled all of those old photos out of albums & frames, it may surprise you how much smaller the collection can seem with it all bundled up for shipping.   It’s a little hard to see decades of memories reduced down to a few small piles that easily fit into a small FedEx box.

Well, okay there is one other downside.   You might find yourself wishing that some of that old incriminating evidence had remained forgotten…

Funny O’Daniel family photo in Tijuana (1974)
Click the image or this link to view the embarrassing full-size photo.

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