Tuesday Two Tool Tour

wrench iconFrom time to time, I come across free web-based apps, handy little utilities, or other indispensable downloads that I just can’t help raving about.   These are usually no-frills, often single-purpose tools that fit a particular need just perfectly and here are a couple of new programs (to me, anyway) that I’m finding that I rely upon almost daily:

  • uTorrent from Ludvig Strigeus is a fast & easy BitTorrent client that’s designed to use as little system resources as possible — typically less than 6MB of memory — yet is packed with loads of advanced features such as bandwidth prioritization & scheduling, multiple simultaneous downloads, and more!
  • RightLoad is a quick & easy FTP transfer tool that let’s you upload files to your web space by right-clicking from Windows Explorer.   RightLoad also generates HTML-formatted links for the file(s) you’ve uploaded, which is a great time-saver when blogging.   And it can automatically create thumbnails if you’re uploading image files!

Be sure to post a comment if you’d like to shout out about some new program that you’ve discovered and, in the meantime, you might want to also peruse my previous " Tuesday Twofer" posts for other excellent (and free!) software tools that’re definitely worth a look:

       Picnik & Dumpr (web-based image-editing apps)


       WordWeb & MixMeister BPM Analyzer


       1-4a Rename & Mp3Tag

       mp3Trim & emailStripper

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