The Emerald Isle Gets Even Greener

compact fluorescent light bulb on green backgroundIn my Bag & Baggage post several months ago, I raved about how environmentally-progressive Ireland has become.   For nearly 7 years, they’ve imposed a tax on plastic shopping bags that’s encouraged the use of reusable bags and dramatically reduced litter nationwide.

Now they’re greening it up again!

On March 1st, the Republic of Ireland will become the first democratic country in the world to ban the traditional incandescent light bulb.   Stores there will no longer carry the century-old technology, instead stocking their shelves with more efficient compact fluorescent (CFL), halogen, & LED alternatives.

And the U.S. is making the switch too, albeit more slowly.   The EPA says that by 2014, most remaining incandescent light bulbs will have to meet far more stringent efficiency standards.