Dolphin Dictionary

dolphin chatterThe fictional Dr. Dolittle may soon have some very real competition, as we inch enticingly closer to being able to communicate with animals.

In an important breakthrough in deciphering dolphin language, researchers Jack Kassewitz & John Stuart Reid, associated with the SpeakDolphin project, have developed a means to visualize the high definition sonic imprints that dolphin sounds make in water. The resulting CymaGlyphs, as the images have been named, are reproducible patterns that the scientists believe will form the basis of a dictionary, with each pattern being a visual representation of a word within the dolphin vocabulary.

Underwater sound travels not in waves, but rather in expanding bubbles and beams. At the 20—20,000 Hertz frequency range audible to humans, the sound-bubble form dominates;   above 20,000 Hertz the shape of sound becomes more of a cone-shaped beam. CymaGlyphs are created by intersecting these sound beams with a membrane that the vibrations make an imprint upon, revealing an intricate architectures within the sound.   These fine details can then be captured on camera.

CymaGlyph example illustration

The research team has planned a series of experiments to record the sounds of dolphins targeting a range of objects to verify that the same sound is always repeated for the same object. Ultimately, it’s believed that this will allow them to compile a dolphin dictionary.

So given the chance, what would you chat about with Flipper?

Skinstinct Sets Sail!

Skinstinct logo

We got word a few days ago that the website for Skinstinct has finally been launched!   Our pals Topper & Shannon started their Skinstinct boutique specializing in organic, eco-friendly clothing, skincare, furnishings, etc. about two years ago and they’s just opened their fourth store!   So now you can shop in their stores (if you happen to be in the Chicago area) or on the website from the comfort of your own home.

A Monkee Becomes a Penguin

In the past year we’ve gathered quite a library of children’s books that we like to read to Liam but we’re especially fond of the Sandra Boynton board books.

One of her books, "Your Personal Penguin" has a companion song that’s sung by none other than my favorite Monkee, Davy Jones!   Davy is featured in the book and on the CD, singing the title song.   Reportedly, Davy & Boyton have become close friends as a result of the project.

And here’s a fun behind-the-scenes look at Davy Jones & Michael Ford composing & recording this infectious little tune:

(Note: Requires Apple’s QuickTime player.)

Visit Workman Publishing to see other behind-the-scenes videos and listen to more Boynton songs.   Rob thinks Opus would approve!

End of An Era?

Dede decided it was finally time to let the personalized "CALI N T" license plates on Caliente go.   (It was always a lot of fun to watch people read that plate, scratch their heads a bit, and then see the meaning finally dawn on ’em!)

Is this a foreshadowing of other, bigger changes to come?   Time will tell…

replacing license plates of Dede's car

"Every new beginning, comes from some other beginning’s end."

– from Closing Time by Semisonic

Ward Cleaver Strikes Back

fiftiess Dad iconRemember the vintage advertisements of the ’50s that featured the Dad sitting in his easy chair, enjoying a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper and usually wearing a suit & tie or at least a smoking jacket & house slippers? For the past several weekends, I’ve had that image lodged in my head. I certainly don’t bear any resemblance to that Norman Rockwell-ish depiction, but lately, I sure am feeling it…

Y’see, I always brew up a fresh pot of coffee in the mornings. And back around the first of the year, we started subscribing to the newspaper. Then you add in the other new tradition we’ve sorta eased into, "Pancake Saturdays," (courtesy of Dede!) and you have the makings for quite a cozy start to the weekend.

So there I was early this morning, having padded out to the end of the driveway in my robe & big fluffy houseshoes to get the Sunday paper, retreating to my big brown leather easy chair with a cup of coffee in hand. Y’know, a few routines of fatherhood were a bit tough to get accustomed to, but then there are some that are just downright comfy to settle into.

Welcome back to the ’50s — just call me “Mr. Cleaver.”


Since we’ve just passed Liam’s first Gotcha Day anniversary, we decided it was the right time to wrap things up on our Russian Adoption Journey blog and transition our posting back over to this, our main blog site. So, if you’re one of our regulars visiting from that site, we’d like to welcome you to 2Dolphins and encourage you to continue to follow along with us over here.

Photo of Liam waving
“Don’t be afraid, come on over!”

First Date Anniversary

It was thirteen years ago that Rob & I went on our first date to see Bed of Roses and who would’ve guessed how much our lives would change in the years to come?

Just last week, we were reminiscing with friends over lunch about how everyone was so shocked to discover that we were dating.   We were a very unlikely pairing, especially considering that we started off on such shaky terms.   Well, let’s face it, I didn’t like Rob at all.   But he was persistent and I finally decided to take a chance.   And here we are 13 years later.   It’s been a wonderful journey!

Happy First Date Anniversary!