Liam the Builder

Our little guy has gotten into watching Bob the Builder lately and we frequently hear him singing the theme song at night after he goes to bed.Bob the Builder

Recently Rob did some digging in our backyard to get rid of a tree root that was threatening to cause trouble with the patio slab.   While digging, he veered off an inch too far in one direction and severed two sprinkler pipes & a sprinkler control wire.   Well, that set off a whole chain of events and needless to say, we ended up with a pretty big hole in the backyard by the time he dug out more to fix the damage.   There for a moment, I was thinking that I might be getting the swimming pool that I’ve always dreamed of having… well, okay, it wasn’t really quite that big.

But you can just imagine how excited Liam was to see this giant hole in the yard with a mound of dirt sitting beside it… oh, it was calling out his name!   For days he was drawn to it like a magnet whenever we’d go outside.   The time finally came to fill in the hole so I bought him a new scooper shovel just for the big event.   Of course, more of the loose dirt went in the air and on him than in the actual hole, but he was definitely a man enjoying his labor.   Here’s a video of him singing the "Bob the Builder" theme while he works: