We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bucket

We took Liam to our company Easter Egg Hunt and he made a new friend…   the Easter Bunny!   Each time the bunny came around, Liam wanted to go to him, give him big hugs, and attempt to hold deep, meaningful conversations with his new friend.   I’m pretty sure that the poor girl in the bunny suit was thinking "Oh no, it’s that same kid again!" by the time we left the park.

There was a big difference between the Easter egg hunt this year versus last year with Liam’s hunting & gathering skills.   Last year, Rob mostly picked them up for him and Liam kept busy dumping them back out of the bucket.   Not this year!   He rushed right out when the whistle blew and filled his large bucket to capacity very quickly.   Next year we may need a bigger bucket!

Here’s a picture of Liam giving the Easter Bunny one last hug before we left.

Liam gives the Easter Bunny a hug
Click the photo for more shots from Liam’s Easter Egg hunt.