Liam’s Backyard Birthday Bash

The weather was perfect.   Cake was plentiful.   The jumper was, well, jumping.   Kids were squealing.   The gifts were endless!   Did I mention that the cake was plentiful?

Our "Backyard Birthday Bash" in honor of Liam’s 3rd birthday was a huge success!

Liam eating cake
Click the photo for more pictures from Liam’s 3rd Birthday party.

We were a little nervous about the setup of the new jumper, but it turned out to be super easy, taking less than 10 minutes from cardboard box to inflated fun!   And that was even with Rob taking the time to — brace yourselves — read the instructions!

Big thanks go out to the everyone who came to the party.   And we’re especially appreciative for all of the wonderful gifts, several of which came from some of our great friends and family who weren’t even able to attend.   Also, a big thanks to Clems, Toby, & Brad S. for helping out with the photos & video!