My 2nd Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and all the other Mom’s out there.   I had a wonderful Mother’s Day hanging out with my boys.   Rob started the day out with pancakes for all of us, then we spent the rest of the day doing one of my favorite activities…   shopping!

I received an especially nice and unexpected Mother’s Day gift from Teresa, Chris & Anna.   It’s a lovely oval shaped pendant with Liam’s picture on both sides.   It was a sweet & thoughtful gesture and as you can see below, Liam especially liked seeing himself around my neck.

Mother’s Day pendant

I also received a special gift from Liam.   He gave me the poster shown below that he made at his daycare.

Liam’s Mother Day poster

He got a little confused and told me "Happy Birthday!" instead of Happy Mother’s Day but I knew what he meant!   😉