Pearls Before Swine

Not long ago, I stumbled across the hilarious comic strip Pearls Before Swine and it just clicked with me right away. Well, just yesterday I discovered that the twisted & creative artist behind this, Stephan Pastis, writes a great blog that’s also named after the strip Pearls Before Swine. (Okay, sometimes I’m a little slow.)

Even before I had read that Stephan, a former lawyer, credits classic comics as Berkeley Breathed’s Bloom County & Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes as influencing his work, I had already picked up on the similar sharp & snappy satire of the Pearls characters. And you can easily tell that Pastis also draws plenty of warped inspiration from Scott Adams’ Dilbert and Gary Larson’s The Far Side. He also pays homage to loads of legendary comics by occasionally inserting their characters into the Pearls strip.

Pearls Before Swine - 02/21/2009

Pearls Before Swine - 02/21/2009

Pearls Before Swine - 09/20/2010

Happy Father’s Day 2009

Liam brought home the cutest Father’s Day card from daycare on Friday. The front of the card has a piece of gum in the pocket (in case you can’t tell from the photo below)and we both just cracked up when we saw the photo of Liam inside.

Thank you Rob/Daddy-O for being the best husband/father that anyone could have! Happy Father’s Day from your Liam-O and Momma-O!

Father's Day card front

Father's Day card inside

Back From the Beach

We just returned from our first official family vacation. We spent a week of sun-drenched, fun-filled days in San Diego, CA!

Liam did great on the plane ride and loved the water activities. We went to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. The dolphins & Shamu were a big hit but the land animals at the Zoo were not as entertaining for him. His favorite thing to do was just to splash around at the pool or any body of water.   He fearlessly charged into the ocean waves—the very chilly Pacific water didn’t intimidate him the least bit.

Rob, Dede, and Liam on Pacific Beach
Click above for photos from Liam’s first trip to San Diego.

My friend Karen (a.k.a. Nanny Karen) from Kansas City met up with us in San Diego. She’d never been there before so it was great to experience S.D. through new eyes. Also, my friend Gretchen and her daughter who live in California drove down for the day to visit with us. Liam loved having a new friend to hang out with at the beach.

The trip was also bittersweet for me as I scattered the ashes of my Uncle Whit there who passed away last December. I had spent many summers out there with him in my high school & college years. He had moved to Texas 13 years ago but his heart was always at his beach house so I wanted part of him to be back there.

Rob & I used to go out to San Diego once or twice a year (in fact, you can still view photos of our 2005 San Diego – Bakersfield trip on Kodak Gallery) and I’ve gotta say that this trip was quite different! For those of you who have not vacationed with your new children, be prepared… things go much slower and you run out of energy much faster!

I overloaded our itinerary, forgetting that I needed to cater it to the attention-span and dawdling pace of a 3 year old doesn’t move at the same pace we do. A few travel tips too: take lots of new things to entertain your child in the hotel room (thanks, Nanny Karen!) and be prepared for your child to be very cranky & moody at times since he/she will be way off of the normal routine. (Being cooped up in a small hotel room where there’s little to do sure doesn’t help.) Don’t get me wrong—we had a great time and San Diego was wonderful as always. But vacationing with a toddler was a very different experience and everything happened at a far different pace than I would’ve imagined.