"C" is for Cookie

Yesterday, we went to the Healthy Kids Fun Day at Floyd Gwyn Park sponsored in part by MCH.   Cookie Monster and The Biscuit Brothers were there to entertain the kids.   I wasn’t sure how they were going to promote Cookie Monster as “healthy” but they pulled it off with saying that besides cookies, he also loves all kinds of vegetables and healthy food.

  Ok, sure, I bought into that.

I wasn’t expecting much from The Biscuit Brothers since I’d never heard of them before but I was pleasantly surprised.   They were quite entertaining and the kids loved them.   They sang and interacted with the kids doing silly dances and songs.   If you have the opportunity, you should check them out!

Next up was Cookie Monster.   I felt sorry for him with all that hair in the 100+ Texas heat.   You would’ve thought he was a big enough celebrity that they could have kept him in an air conditioned building!   The first time we stood in line to see him, we didn’t make it to the front of the line before they shut it down. He had to take a break so we had to wait another hour for him to come back.   We made it through the line the second time and here’s a short video of Liam living his dream and giving Cookie Monster a big hug:

Some of the other kids left the line crying over being frightened by a giant, hairy, blue monster that entices you to like him by eating cookies, but not our boy; Liam knows no fear and would gladly take on any of the creatures that live on Sesame Street!