My Birthday Gift

Sorry, I’m a day late on posting my birthday gift photo but due to scheduling conflicts, I had to move my appointment for tonight.   Without further ado, here it is — and YES, it did hurt!   But it was worth it!

foot tattoo

Thanks to Anita’s great recommendation, I made my tattoo appointment with Calvin at Blue Collar Art Co..   What do you think?

Update:   I found this excellent tattoo care video by Pat Fish in Santa Barbara that offers fantastic advice on the care & maintenance of a new tattoo.   Tattoo aftercare varies widely from artist to artist (and with some, it’s barely even addressed) but Pat provides more detailed instructions & explanation than any other artist I’ve dealt with.


  1. How fun!!! And too funny- I'm looking into a tattoo myself- my 1st. Something with either stars (it's my middle name) or flowers (birth months)- something to represent my family. Still working on the design and tracking down someone in my area. What a fabulous birthday gift!

  2. Cool tat! My wife got some on the top of her feet and she said they hurt the worst of all 4 that she has. 😀

  3. WOW! That's beautiful. I love my tattoo and would get another one in a heart beat… but I want to wait and make it something special for my family (kids). Jen's idea of birth month flowers is a great one! Did the black outline hurt the worst? That's what made me really cringe. Or maybe I was just numb when he finally filled in the color?! lol.

  4. Christen – the black outline up close to my toes and everything in the middle part of my foot hurt. It only took him about an hour though so it wasn't too bad. I have learned that the healing time for a foot tattoo takes longer. My foot is still sore and swollen.

  5. Yeah, I've always heard the less fat under the skin area, the more it hurts. Makes sense – less padding. A foot is pretty bony, so I'm sure that's one of the most painful places to get a tattoo.

  6. Christen, Calvin was maybe just a little, um, coy about this. When Dede asked if the foot was an especially painful place to get a tattoo, he said, "Oh, lots of people get their first tattoos there." What we didn't catch was that he hadn't really answered the question…

    Apparently, the foot is one of the more painful locations for a tattoo because, like you said, there's so little padding between the skin and underlying bones & stuff. But what made it much worse is that Dede apparently had a reaction to the red ink and it made her life kinda unbearable for several days.

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