Labor Day Weekend 2009

We went to Brady, Texas this weekend to visit friends and go to the 36th Annual World Championship BBQ Goat Cook-Off.   A big thunderstorm moved through Friday night, which left Richards Park really muddy for the big event, but that didn’t seem to slow down the crowd.   I had to figure out how to get a shoe on to wear since my new tattoo is still healing.   So I ended up wearing a sock and a loose sandal, which as you can imagine, was quite the fashion statement.   Of course, my friends didn’t let me live it down but it worked out pretty well.   By some miracle, I managed to still have a white sock after I left (I can’t say that much for Rob’s mud-caked shoes).

Liam was immediately drawn to the air jumpers when we first got there.   He of course picked the tallest one to play on.   From there, we got him interested in the petting zoo although he didn’t much care for the animals eating out of his hand.   After much hand sanitizer, we moved on to check out some of the local arts & craft booths.   After we made our way to the back of the park, Liam spotted the bungee trampolines.   I really didn’t think he was big enough to get on them so I was going to let the workers break the bad news to him but they unexpectedly agreed to let him jump.   So, Liam got strapped into the harness and headed for the skies!   Most 3 year olds would have probably been terrified at the prospect of bouncing 15 feet in the air, but not "Mr. Fearless."   I can only imagine what’s in store for us in the future!

We had some fair food for lunch — but no, we didn’t eat any goat — before we left the event.   What is it about food on a stick that you wouldn’t ordinarily cross the street for, but is the most wonderful stuff ever invented when you’re wandering around at a fair?   The weather was perfect, it was overcast the whole day and never did get too hot.   Liam insisted on a second round at the bungee trampolines on our way out of the park.

Back at the house that evening, Sladyn & his friend Nick "Nickaroo" were riding their dirt bikes and I got several great shots of them doing jumps as the sun was setting.

Click here to view some of the pictures from our Labor Day adventures in Brady.