Halloween ’09 Highlights

Our 2nd Halloween with Liam was another eventful holiday!   It was the first time either Rob or Liam had ever carved a Jack-o’-Lantern.   The results were pretty good for a rookie effort:

Pumpkin carving

Here are more photos of the pumpkin carving.

For Liam’s costume this year, we pieced together a "Bob the Builder" outfit from borrowed work boots (Thanks Katherine!), a new pair of denim overalls & a flannel shirt found on eBay, and a toy toolbelt & hardhat from Amazon.com.   Then for his daycare’s "Barnyard Day" theme day, we just omitted the hardhat & toolbelt and renamed him "Farmer Kirby."   (Actually, the "Kirby" part was purely his own invention and we’re still not sure where it originated from.)

Liam in his Bob the Builder costume.

And you can see more photos from our ’09 Halloween here.

Finally, I never did get our pictures from Fiddlesticks Farms last weekend posted.   So just in case there weren’t already enough pictures in one post, here are a few shots from our fun October ’09 trip to Fiddlesticks Farms.


  1. Love the Bob the Builder costume!! What a great idea – sounds like a great Halloween – and not a bad pumpkin either…for rookies!!

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