First Christmas Concert

I’m a little late getting this posted but Liam performed at his first Christmas program last week.   He sang with all of the 3 year old’s at his daycare in front of their families.   After the program was over, the children joined their parents for lunch.

(For those of you reading this who’re still working on your adoption paperwork or are in the waiting stage, don’t give up, these sort of payoffs are countless!)

Needless to say, our little songbird was thrilled to see us in the audience and kept waving and saying "Hi Momma!" during the concert and my heart just melted seeing him up there so happy.   Check out his performance in the video below (he’s on the front row, on the far right in the blue vest):


  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet! I love how kids get excited with Christmas songs! Diego loooves Jingle bells and ask that we sing it over and over!

  2. Liam has the hand gestures down pat! He's adorable. Merry Christmas to you all and tell Jinx hello from us.

    Kellie K

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