Christmas 2009

I hope everyone had a great Christmas this year and are enjoying your holidays!   I’m finally getting around to uploading our Christmas pictures and doing a blog post.

Nanny Karen arrived Christmas Eve and Liam was so excited that she was finally here.   He had no problem turning off Cars to go pick her up at the airport.   That’s a sign of true love!   Most times he won’t even stop to eat during that movie.

Liam was wiped out from all the excitement of the day that he fell asleep early on Christmas Eve and missed out on baking cookies for Santa.   Poor little guy held out as long as he could, but the driving around to look at Christmas lights just did him in by 7 P.M.

Since he went to bed so early, we expected him up early Christmas morning but he actually slept until about 8 A.M.   Needless to say, he was quite pleased to see that Santa had not forgot him and remembered everything on his list.   Luckily for us, his list didn’t change from day to day, and he consistently stuck with Mack the truck, Play-Doh and The Lawman (Sheriff), also from Cars.   Once he saw those under the tree, he was done and we had to work over the next 3 hours to get him to stop playing long enough to come open a few gifts at a time.


  1. Our boys are so much alike – Daniel wanted mostly Thomas stuff this year – but he loves Mac and he wanted the combine too!! (that's my favorite part of the movie!)

  2. Glad you had a Merry Christmas!

    This picture of Liam is "picture perfect" of what we all dream of…. sweet pj wearing little boy opening his toys. So cute!

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