I’ve decided to make this the last post in our adoption journey blog.   My plan is to convert this blog to a book for Liam and the one year mark of "Gotcha Day" seems like a good place to end it.   Liam is so much a part of us now, only those who have followed our journey would ever even suspect he hasn’t always been with us.   And we don’t really think of him so much as "adopted" anymore — he’s just our little boy.

Below is a picture of Liam on his "Gotcha Day" in Podolsk and the same pose a year later.   Isn’t it amazing to see how much he has changed?

Liam on February 1st, 2008. Liam on February 1st, 2009.

So, now I’m returning back to our main blog, 2Dolphins, which Rob has been maintaining mostly solo since I started this one.   You can rest assured that I’ll post plenty of Liam updates there!   I hope you’ll continue to follow our journey on that blog and please don’t forget to leave us comments so we know you’re still out there!