Thrifty Yet Nifty, Even After Fifty!

Green Eggs and HamIn yesterday’s New Year’s post I noted that 2010 is destined to be an eventful year, loaded with all sorts of special occasions.   One such milestone is the 50th anniversary of one our favorite books—”Green Eggs and Ham.”

After writing “The Cat in the Hat” in 1955 using only 223 words, Theodor (“Ted”) Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, bet his publisher Bennett Cerf $50 that he could write a book using only 50 words.   Seuss collected on the wager in 1960 with the publication of “Green Eggs and Ham” which did indeed use only 50 distinct words — of which, only one (“anywhere”) has more than a single syllable.   This simplistic yet infectious book has become the 4th best-selling children’s hardcover book of all time.

Liam has a number of Dr. Seuss books, but this one is definitely our favorite so far.   I especially enjoy acting out the exasperation felt by the story’s unnamed, flustered antagonist who is pestered relentlessly by the persistent Sam I Am!

Trivia: To memorialize Dr. Seuss upon his death in 1991, Reverend Jesse Jackson recited “Green Eggs and Ham” during a Saturday Night Live Weekend Update segment.


  1. My kids used to just giggle away when reading Dr. Seuss. I still have an enormous box of every one he ever wrote, hoping to someday share them with my grandchildren (if I ever have any).

    They also loved the Shel Silverstein books. We got hours of laughter from those too.

  2. We watch the DVD of 'Green Eggs and Ham" EVERY night. It is a favorite! I pretty much can resite the entire book now.

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