New Year, New Car

Rob predicted last month that .   And even before that, he hinted several months ago, that a big car change was afoot.

Still, its come as a huge shock to nearly everyone who knows me, that the Caliente era is coming to a close.   My beloved Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible was a fantastic, fun car for two, but not at all a good fit for three.   So, a couple of weeks ago we said "Hello" to our new, comfy, more family-oriented car (dubbed Rocket by Liam).

2010 Honda CR-V

Its a bit bittersweet, of course, knowing that this means a very sad "Goodbye" to my sweet little Cali, who sits dejected on the curb with a forlorn "For Sale" perched in her windshield.   (Call me for a price on an award-winning, sporty, fun, little car!)

Is this the first of more big changes to come in 2010?   Oh yes!   Stay tuned…


  1. The new car is very cute! Love the color!

    And do these big changes for 2010 include another adoption perhaps???

  2. its an excellent choice (and yes, im biased lol) for a new vehicle and the name Rocket fits perfectly! youre little Caliente is a pretty sweet ride too!!! congrats on the new car! yay 2010!

  3. Welcome Rocket!! 🙂 Nice choice and you've sparked my interest about "big changes" …. what else is coming?

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