New Year, New House

Rob hinted in a previous post that big changes were coming for 2010.   Well, we finally got Liam potty trained so we decided that, with all the money saved on Pull-Ups, we could afford to buy a new house!

So, after more than 17 years, dozens of coats of paint, several major renovation projects, and countless memories, we’ve actually said “goodbye” to our old home, packed up our stuff, and moved on down the road.   Scary?   More than you could know!   Kinda sad?   Yeah, it’s tough to imagine that the old house isn’t our home any longer.   Exciting?   Unbelievably!   Here’s the front of our new house, a.k.a. Kirkwood Manor:

front of new house

We did some prep work before the move-in and after nearly a full day of grueling wallpaper removal, we got Liam’s new room ready for paint — and in his favorite color, of course!

Liam’s room wallpaper removal
Liam’s blue room

With lots of help from Ryan, we finished painting Liam’s room, the office, the dining room ceiling and the living room before the big move.

Liam was very excited about helping to prepare for the move.   He couldn’t wait to box up his toys and put them with our other boxes.

Liam boxes up his toys

So on February 27th we officially moved into our new house. We couldn’t have done it without the tireless help of Ryan, Martin & Adrian.   Thanks guys for giving up your Saturday to help us and thanks to Linda for loaning us your trailer!

The Move Crew

Stay tuned for more pictures as we finish unboxing and settling in at the house!
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