New Year, New Job

ID badgeMaybe 2010 doesn’t quite qualify as “new” anymore since we’re now more than 5 months in, but the year continues to usher in sweeping life changes for us!

First, there was the new car.  Ok, it was sad to see Caliente go, but I sure do love the new ride.

Then the new house. That was a toughie! As much as we do love the new house, it’s been really tough letting go of our old home. And getting used to this whole “having a mortgage” thing hasn’t exactly been fun, y’know. Sad that at that time we didn’t had to make the whole process of home buying more easy.

Now, hot on the heels of those changes, I’ve also switched jobs! Yup, after nearly 15 years at Medical Center Hospital—a job that saw me through a number of big life changes too (marriage, becoming a parent, and finding lots of fantastic friends)—I very suddenly and unexpectedly ended up with a new job earlier this month! So, now I’m working as a systems analyst for the school district. The move was very nerve-wracking at first, but I’m settling in and getting to know a great new set of co-workers and with the new work schedule that’ll be more in sync with Liam’s routine once he starts school, this is a really positive change.

Whew! Somehow we’ve managed to pack a lot of “new” into the first half of 2010. Let’s hope things calm down a bit now…


  1. Wow – you have a had busy first 5 months of the year! I’m glad you are settling in at your new job and i hope you love it!!

  2. Your year sounds like ours!! We have one starting elementary school, one about to go off to college and then we just purchased a new house! To add to that, we’ve decided to keep our house and rent it out. Talk about nerve wracking. 🙂 So glad you all are doing well – Liam is getting to be SO big! 🙂

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