Dolphin communicating via an iPadNot content with just conquering the human market with their wildly popular iPad, Steve Jobs & co. are apparently now wooing other mammals as well. You guessed it—even dolphins love Apple gadgets!

Research scientist Jack Kassewitz of SpeakDolphin (who was recently also featured in a post here on 2Dolphins about CymaGlyphs) has introduced the Apple iPad to a young bottlenose dolphin named Merlin in early steps towards building a system of communication. Merlin, who lives at Dolphin Discovery in Puerta Aventura, Mexico, was able to successfully recognize and touch pictures on the screen with his rostrum (nose) to match objects he was shown. Yup, the iPad’s touch-based interface is so intuitive that even nonhuman species can use it!

Merlin plays a simple game where he’s shown an object, such as a ball or a rubber duck then has to point to an image matching that object on the iPad’s screen. (Kassewitz notes that dolphins respond especially well to the color yellow)

So, not only is the iPad “dolphin safe,” it could also play a key role in the advancement of a complete language interface between humans and dolphins. Genius, Steve Jobs, genius.

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