No Loitering

National Delurking Week banner

Thanks to an early morning tip from my bro Rich, I discovered a couple of problems with the WordPress comment settings. Something I did recently switched comments off for all posts, which explains why things have been so quiet for the past week or so. (We were starting to think you just didn’t care about us anymore!) Now that I’ve got that resolved, there’s no reason to be a lurker.

What’s a lurker? In Web parlance, it’s someone who reads forums, newsgroups, or blogs, but rarely participates. Don’t slink around our site unnoticed – post a comment or two! Let us know that you were here!

Oh sure, we’ve got colorful little pie charts & graphs from Google Analytics that say people actually do occasionally visit our site (and we really do appreciate that!) but blogging is all about community. Want to share something cool? Feel the need to rant? Having a burning question you’ve been dying to ask? Cut loose! We love feedback!

After all, if you don’t leave a comment, you’re letting the terrorists win.


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