Let There Be Light

We’ve been in our “new” house just over 6 months now and we’re finally starting to wrap up a few little projects that we had put off to make way for the bigger ticket items. We love having a nice, big formal dining room and we use it almost exclusively for mealtimes. Liam uses the table for coloring with crayons or squishing Play-Doh. I suppose we don’t use it in a very formal fashion, but we do use the room a lot!

We’ve never been too fond of the rustic chandelier in there though. The size of the fixture was nicely proportioned for the room, but the style just wasn’t “us” at all.

rustic dining room chandelier

We wanted a bit more modern-looking light in brushed nickel or steel finish, but those we found at the local stores were way too expensive, so we just waited. Finally, Rob found the Pierce Brushed Steel Nine-Light chandelier at Bellacor.com, a web-based lighting & decor showroom. This new fixture is the right scale for the room, the glass shades really brighten up the space, and was available at a price that couldn’t be beat:

brushed nickel dining room chandelier

Best of all, Rob was able to install it in just a few minutes (with some welcome help from Ryan, a.k.a. “Mr. I Can Touch The Ceiling Without a Ladder.”)

You can see a bit more of our dining room progress and photos of other areas of the house via the interactive floorplan that Rob has been working on here. You can click a room on the diagram to see what we’ve done in each area. Note that many of the rooms don’t yet have a project page, but those will be online very soon, so check back in the coming days & weeks for more updates.


  1. I can’t touch that ceiling silly! The fancy vaulted ceilings at “The Manor” are way too tall for me!

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