Metcha Tres

Anniversaries are a way to remember, relive, reflect upon, and fully appreciate again important experiences and events in our lives. And today marks one of those major milestones for us. Words fail to paint the significance of that day, but it was life-altering to say the very least…

On our second day in Moscow, Russia, 3 years ago today, Monday, December 3rd, 2007, Dede & I met Liam for the first time!

We weren’t allowed to post or email photos of him until the adoption was finalized several weeks later, but of course we took lots of pictures on that special day. This is the first time we saw our son, being brought to see us by his kind caretaker, on that frosty morning in Podolsk:

Liam's "Metcha Day" photo

Big congrats to Melissa & Nathan who’re experiencing their own “Metcha Day” today!


  1. I remember waiting to see that first picture! What an exciting time! Congratulations on the anniversary of the beginning of a wonderful journey!

  2. Thanks Vicki!

    Yes Gretchen, we are! We are so thankful that we were chosen to be his parents. I can’t imagine our lives without him. The moment that picture was made is forever etched in my mind.

  3. Liam is such a blessing! This post just makes me smile because I hope it won’t be long until we can write to say we’ve met our baby c. Thanks for sharing!!

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