Going for the Gold

This past weekend the weather was very nice and a perfect opportunity to let Liam burn off some cabin fever. We took him to the playground of what will most likely be his school next year (sniff). He had a great time playing until…

He was swinging and all was going well. He’s started to figure out how to lean back and pump his legs to keep himself going on the swing. Well somewhere in the midst of using all his new skills, he forgot the most basic one—to hang on! Yep, he let go as he was leaning back and did an almost perfect Gainer. I looked up about the time he was finishing his flip and on his forward lunge face-first into the dirt. My heart stopped and I just knew there was going to be blood everywhere when he got up. Rob scooped him up and after close inspection, we could not find blood anywhere but his face and mouth were full of dirt. We got him home and all cleaned up and other than his nose being scraped, he was fine.

I wonder how many more of these incidents I have in store for me. I’m afraid to even think about it because I know the count is going to be high. I took the picture below tonight while he was giving me his “I need sympathy” look.

Liam's scraped nose

Gotcha Day – 3rd Year Anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated Liam’s 3rd Gotcha Day. On February 1, 2008 he busted out of the Podolsk baby home and came to be with us forever. I don’t know if we “got” him or he “got” us but I’m feeling a song coming on… I got you babe

Here’s what has become our traditional stairway comparison photos on Gotcha Day:

Liam’s Gotcha Day 2008 Liam’s Gotcha Day 2011

and here’s a couple of photos of him eating his Gotcha cupcakes:

Liam’s Gotcha Day 2011 cupcake 1 Liam’s Gotcha Day 2011 Cupcake 2

We love you Liam!