Spring Break 2011

Since my job is now part of the education system, I had last week off for Spring Break—yay!

We went to Washington DC & Virginia to visit our friends Chris, Teresa & Anna who we met in Moscow back in 2008. Although we hadn’t seen them since we left Russia, we’ve kept in close touch with them through the years and they graciously invited us to come stay in their beautiful home for a few days.

Chris and Teresa

Liam studied the presidents in his pre-school last month and was looking forward to seeing Abe Lincoln’s statue. He and Anna had a great time playing together and we really enjoyed our time there!

Click here to view photos from our trip.


  1. Hello from Korea! 🙂

    Yes, I’m checking blogs… what else would i being doing during our 4 hr layover?! lol.

    This post is so cool and timely for me to read. We are about to meet blog friends who are staying at the Vlad Inn while we are there. I love the idea of being able to keep in touch!

  2. Christen you are too much! Not only do you move into a new house and then 2 days later leave for Russia to pick up your son but you also keep up and comment on blogs on the way there. You are truly running on adrenaline right now.

    We have a special connection with this family because their daughter is from the same baby home as our son and they are only a month apart in age. Even though we live so far apart we vowed to stay in touch so our kids would always have a connection to each other.

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