Ikea Pilgrimage

Ever since the dust settled on our move, Dede & I have been wanting a few pieces of furniture to round out our home office and replace some old mismatched stuff from our old house. So, we embarked on what’s quickly becoming one of our favorite road trips (from Odessa to Austin, via Brady) on Easter weekend to do some shopping at our favorite store—Ikea:

Round Rock, Texas Ikea store

We shopped, quite literally, until some of us dropped:

Shopping begins at the Round Rock, Texas Ikea store     Done shopping at the Round Rock, Texas Ikea store

We arrived at Ikea Round Rock near Austin with detailed shopping list in hand, having measured very carefully to ensure that everything we wanted would fit into the always deceptively-cavernous Element. As was the case with our Ikea Frisco trip nearly 5 years ago, we had the car loaded to the gills! (I even removed one of the back seats entirely to free up some extra cargo space!)

Loaded car at the Round Rock, Texas Ikea store

Of course, since nearly everything at Ikea is flat-packed, the adventure has only just begun once you get your haul home! With cordless drill, mallet, glue, and a deep breath, I started assembling stuff…

Here’s a glimpse of the first pieces put into service—our new Malm nightstands, which are hung on the wall with a pair of 18″ Hangman Picture Hanging System brackets, a.k.a. French Cleats (Thanks for that tip, Ryan!):

Ikea Malm nightstands

Watch for more photos of the Ikea furnishings as they come together and are in place!


  1. Sigh. I love Ikea. Come to think of it… I believe Frank and I are due an Ikea run. Maybe tomorrow?! I’ll be sure to blame this reminder on you guys, so when he’s grumbling about putting furniture together he knows where to send his hate mail. lol.

  2. Ah, that means you’ll be heading to IKEA Schaumburg, which may actually be our very favorite Ikea store – it’s nearly twice the size of the others we’ve visited!

    Dede & I are such fans, we even managed to mooch a lift through horrible Russian traffic to the Moscow Ikea during some of the downtime on our long 2nd trip. We’ll never be able to thank Dinia enough for that!

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