We live in the sports haven of Texas. For those of you that have seen the movie or TV show Friday Night Lights, that was our school and the city where we live. Rob & I catch a lot of grief from our friends for not being sports fanatics. It’s been a great concern to many of them that our child be raised proper and put into sports at an early age so that he will one day achieve greatness by being chosen to play the ultimate of all sports, football. I say whatever to that!

I’m lucky to have a husband that isn’t all about sports. We are of the same mindset in that we want Liam to find his own way and will encourage him to try anything that interests him. So far, he has taken swim lessons and gymnastics classes. This month we enrolled him in the YMCA T-Ball program. The YMCA program is non-competitive and they don’t even keep score at the games. All the kids get to play and it’s just about learning some basics and having fun. Sitting out in the heat for practice isn’t my favorite things to do, but it was all worth it yesterday seeing him play in his first T-Ball game.

It’s hilarious to watch because the kids are clueless on what to do. Once they finally hit the ball, they usually forget to drop the bat and they have no idea where first base is. I was actually quite amazed at how well they did at their first game compared to their practices. I guess something just sort of clicks when they play another team.

Getting ready for the big game

It's a hit!

Taking his job at first base serious

I’m not sure if baseball will be his “thing” in the future but for now he seems to like it and has made a friend or two which is always good.


  1. And he looks so cute in his little uniform! Having grown up in Houston, I know what you mean when you say that TX is sports fanatic central. Especially football!! Lord help you if you don’t love football..lol.

  2. I love that the uniforms are almost like throw-backs. So cute! That first base photo is hilarious, too. He looks so stern.

    I can’t wait until Crosby is big enough to play sports!

  3. Liam does look quite serious. Glad to see he’s not a *daisy-picker*, lol. Our son & daughter both played T-Ball which provided us with many hours of giggles…. It’s always good wholesome fun until they get a bit older.

  4. He looks like a pro – you’s better keep those photos and turn them into cards – they may be his rookie card yet!!! I haven’t found a good sport program around here for Daniel to join. He starts summer camp next week and I’m hoping it will help him decide if he likes a particular sport!! We aren’t overly sport oriented either – except hunting and fishing (for Troy of course)!!

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