The Tooth Fairy is Headed Our Way

One of Liam’s bottom front teeth has been loose for a few weeks now. I decided yesterday that I better get to the craft store and figure out something cool for him to put the tooth in for the Tooth Fairy. I found this Melissa & Doug Wooden Treasure Chest and we went to work on painting & decorating it this morning and we were both pleased with the finished product:

Tooth Fairy Box

Tooth Fairy Box Inside

We finished it just in the nick of time! Not 2 hours later, Liam came in the room holding his tooth. I’m not 100% convinced it was coincidence that it “fell” out as soon as the box was finished, but either way, the Tooth Fairy will be paying us a visit tonight for the first time!

Liam's first lost tooth


  1. Cute, cute, cute! Those were the fun times. And guess what? Those teeth grow in just like they’re supposed to, about 80% of the time. So, what’s a tooth going for with the TF these days? As I recall, it cost an arm & leg when mine were little. Must be at least 2 arms & legs by now…


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