Beach Bums

It’s been 2 years since our feet last hit the ocean, so last week was a special treat as we finally got to relax in the sun & sand!

This was our first trip to Padre Island and we really enjoyed the Texas coast’s warm water. In the past, we’ve usually visited San Diego and the chilly Pacific beaches, so this was a nice change. We met up with our Brady friends and Liam got some expert skimboarding lessons. Although he never truly mastered staying on the board, he put his whole heart into it and never gave up trying. He would definitely be a surfer dude if we lived near a beach!

We arrived just in time for Hurricane/Tropical Storm Don warnings. We knew something was up when news crews starting setting up equipment on the beach—the Weather Channel crew was setup right on the same area of beach where we had been playing all day! We were told to gas up our vehicles and be ready to evacuate the island. It was projected to hit exactly at our location but fortunately it fizzled out before it got there and all we got was a little wind and no rain. We have much stronger winds on an almost daily basis in West Texas.

We pretty much did absolutely nothing but sit on the beach all day and swim in the pool in the evenings and as a bonus, we saw some dolphins playing in the water. I call that a PERFECT vacation!

Padre Island 2011
Click above for photos from our Padre Island vacation trip.


  1. Such a beautiful place! Looks like the beach was very empty which is a plus in my book! Liam has gotten SO big – I can hardly believe it!

  2. I agree a perfect vacation. We are headed to Disney in a few weeks and I hope to be able to relax some. Oh a while back you had asked me about my cheap airfare deals. I use Spirit Air, I saw that they now have service out of Ft Fort I think. I saw some 17 dollars (plus tax) airfares to Chicago and NYC, they are one way but not a bad price.

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