First Day of Kindergarten

Today was the BIG DAY—Liam’s first day of Kindergarten. It’s a day I’ve been dreading for awhile now. Maybe it’s because I equate starting public school to my baby growing up. But Liam has been excited all summer at the thought of going to his big school.

First Day of Kinder

Click here (or the photo above) to view a few pictures from the first day.

We walked him into school this morning and stayed until the bell rang for class to begin. He waved goodbye and was ready to begin the day. I’m very thankful that I was not one of the parents that I saw in the hallways that had their children clinging to them in tears. I don’t think I could’ve handled that.

According to Liam, in the end, it was an awesome day and he can’t wait to go back again tomorrow!


  1. You’re really lucky he did so well! It’s great he loved school!! 🙂 Sounds like an easy transition.

    Btw, how tall is Liam? He seems tall for a kindergartener. Maybe it’s just the photos. Love the sign in the background, too!

  2. Great news and what adorable photos!! So glad he like the big “K” also!! I can’t believe how fast our little ones are growing up!!

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