Gotcha Day – 4 Year Anniversary

We celebrated Liam’s 4th Gotcha Day by going out to Rosa’s for dinner. I’m guessing he picked Rosa’s because he LOVES their chocolate cake. On the way home, we stopped by Donna’s house to take our annual stairway comparison photo (see below) that shows Liam in 2008 on his way out of the baby home compared to today. It’s a reminder to me every year of how much he has changed and how fast he is growing up.

We got off to a rough start this year with Kindergarten but since the Christmas break things have been going great at school and his after school child care. They informed me today that he has been picked to be the Star of the Month at the child care because he did so well in January and his Kindergarten teacher gave him a reward for his good behavior. I’m so happy that he is finally adjusting to all the changes he had this year.

Most of all, I think he has learned the most important thing in life…that chocolate will always put a smile on your face!


  1. Happy 4 years – same great, happy attitude coming down those steps!!! He knew something great was happening 4 years ago and he’s still got it!

    So glad Kindergarten is going better- I’ve heard a lot that it takes until Christmas break before things even out!!

  2. This just completely made me get tears in my eyes. I think bc now that Crosby is home, I realize just how fast it goes. Liam has grown so much!! Happy 4 years to your little “star.” 🙂

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