Kinder Class of 2012

kindeergarten graduation photoLiam has officially graduated from Kindergarten!

It’s been a long year of learning for all of us. We had no idea how difficult the transition from daycare Pre-K to public elementary school Kindergarten was going to be.

Apparently life in Pre-K, even though it seemed well-structured, was still mostly about playing and doing things on your own schedule. So going to a class setting where all activities are highly-structured took a bit of a toll on our guy. We thought all hope was lost for the first few months, but after the Christmas break things worked out and he adjusted to the routine and even won a citizenship award by the end of the year. We’re so proud of our little guy and still totally amazed that he can now read books on his own.

I’m glad Summer is finally here and we can all relax and enjoy the next few months before first grade starts!


  1. I’ve had a lot of people tell me it takes until after Christmas break. In Daniel’s case – he hated pre-school, so we expected the worst for Kindergarten and instead got the best – you just never know! Congrats on surviving the year and here’s to 12 more good ones!!

  2. You guys must be so excited! Frank and I talk about what it will be like to have Crosby in school for full days… learning and without costing us the high price of private preschool/daycare. Benefits all around!!

    And yay for Liam on the citizenship award!!

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