Halloween 2012

I’m a little late getting our Halloween post out here and I know all of you that are still reading our blog have been eagerly awaiting this. 😉

In keeping with the superhero theme that Liam began last year as Spiderman, this year we moved from red to green as in The Hulk. I must say he made a pretty scary-looking Hulk and he was a bit obsessed with his muscles.

The costume was enough to frighten a few of the smaller kids that he encountered until he took his mask off so I guess you would call that a successful Halloween costume!

I did a little Halloweening myself at work. I dressed up with a couple of my co-workers and put together a quick costume as Dr. Seuss’ Thing 2 from “Cat in the Hat.”

We didn’t win any awards for our costume but it made for a fun day at work. I think we might have even motivated a few others to dress up next year.


  1. Liam made a very convincing Hulk! 🙂 Gotta love little boys and their super heroes. Crosby is just getting into Batman! I have a feeling my days of picking costumes is about over.

    Love the Thing 2 outfit, too! That’s great you have friends at work who are willing to have fun like that.

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