Virginia Beach 2013

We just returned from a fantastic 10 day vacation to Virginia Beach! We flew into Washington DC and stayed a couple of days with our friends Chris & Teresa and then we all drove to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. It was very hot and humid but the park was not crowded at all. Liam rode all the rides they would let him on, including the Loch Ness Monster (his first roller coaster).

The next day we drove to Virginia Beach and spent the next 5 days there. Our hotel was right on the beach and Liam loved playing in the ocean! We visited the Virginia Aquarium and took a ride on The Lost Pearl. Those pirates really work at entertaining the kids!

On our last day at the beach, Troy and Rachel drove down to meet us. We’ve been following each other’s blogs for years, but had never met in person. Their son Daniel and Liam hit it off famously just like we both had predicted they would. It was so nice to finally meet. Thanks again for making the drive down!

What wonderful memories and it was so nice to spend time with Chris, Teresa and Anna again!
Click the link below the picture to view more pics of our vacation.

Liam on the beach


  1. We are so glad we made the drive down! Tic Tac didn’t make it one block before he was out cold and Daniel fells asleep about 2 minutes later – I guess that is what 4 plus hours of swimming with friends does to you!! Hope we get to see you all again! We’ll have to try to make it to Texas!!

  2. Hi Rachel – Liam fell asleep on the way back to the hotel too. I’m glad we could wear the kids out! 😉 I hope you will make it to Texas too, if not, we will definitely let you know the next time we are in your area.

  3. Next time, we’ll join you too! We’re only 13 miles from Dulles. . . : ) Sounds like you all had a blast. Have a great rest of the summer!

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