2Dolphins Logo Long Description Page

About the 2Dolphins Logo

The 2Dolphins logo design was inspired by and based on an image of an intricate woodcarving found during a random Google search.   The original carving was much more complex, but featured a very similar core design.   The tails of the two dolphins were altered to streamline and improve the Celtic knotwork-inspired appearance.   Unfortunately, the creator of the original woodcarving remains uncredited because we’ve never been able to find the image again to locate the artist.

Trivia:   Both Rob & Dede bear a tattoo version of the 2Dolphins logo image.

About the 2Dolphins Site Name

The 2Dolphins.com domain name came about as a result of our search for a catchy site name that represented us accurately - or at least interestingly.   Our choice was slightly inspired by the Tucows.com software download site.   We also thought the name symbolized our mutual love of dolphins and all things aquatic.   We also hoped that using "2Dolphins" for our domain name would make it an easy-to-remember website URL.   (The jury’s still out on that one.)

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