Welcome! You’ve arrived at Rob & Dede’s personal website. 2Dolphins is a place for us to share our interests and happenings.   It also serves as kind of a virtual scrapbook for photos of our friends & family, home renovation projects, and travel adventures.   And we also use this as a place to document our journey to adopt our son, Liam.

We’d love to hear from you!   If you have comments, suggestions, questions—or even a complaint—you can either send us email directly or go to our contact form to send us a note (without using an email program).

Rob & Dede

About Rob & Dede

We both have Bachelors’ degrees in computer science and have each worked in the IT field well in excess of 25 years.

At work, Rob has been employed at Medical Center Hospital for over 18 years and is a Clinical Systems Analyst, focusing on Pharmacy IT systems. He’s all about details and quality. Dede is similarly an Information Systems Analyst, supporting a variety of systems for the Ector County Independent School District. She’s all about time-management, organization, and a structured work environment.

At home, Rob does most of the 2Dolphins website development & site promotion and enjoys blogging—but spends far too much time tweaking & tuning posts before they go live. Dede is a reluctant blogger—but only because she’s always nervous about clicking on the “publish” button.   Secretly, she loves blogging.

A New Arrival!

February 2008 saw the culmination of a more than 2 year process to adopt a child from Russia. We were blessed with a beautiful & healthy little boy, who we named Liam. Needless to say, he’s kind of a big deal around here and consumes most of the free time we previously had available for blogging!

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Liam & his Gloworm

About the 2Dolphins name

The 2Dolphins domain name came about as a result of our search for a catchy site name that represented us accurately—or at least interestingly.   Our choice was slightly inspired by the Tucows.com software download site. We also thought the name symbolized our mutual love of dolphins and all things aquatic. We also hoped that using “2Dolphins” for our domain name would make it an easy-to-remember website URL. (The jury’s still out on that one.)

“Why dolphins?” you might ask.   Well, Dede loves dolphins!   Rob swims like a fish!   We both like beaches & being near the ocean whenever possible.   We’re far from dolphin experts, but we do enjoy reading about them and have learned much more than we ever thought possible through researching for articles to post here.   One of the highlights of recent years was when we had the opportunity to swim with dolphins for the first time, in Cancún, Mexico.

About our 2Dolphins logo

2Dolphins logoThe development of our logo isn’t quite as simple a story as you might think. It’s based on an intricate woodcarving found during a random Google image search years ago. Unfortunately, we’ve never been able to find the image again to give the original artist proper credit. The carving was much more complex, but featured a very similar core design. Rob streamlined the tails to add a stronger Celtic influence—per a suggestion from a talented (but very rude) artist in Santa Barbara, CA.

Trivia: Both of us have tattoos of the 2Dolphins logo!

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