Cali’s 15 Minutes of Fame

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Remember the Andy Warhol quote, “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes?”
Well, I guess it's Caliente's turn to have a few fleeting moments of celebrity…

Although I saw the Hot VWs magazine crew taking photos, & interviewing owners at the Roswell 2k New Beetle Car Show back in June of '06, I never suspected that we were noteworthy enough to be featured.   But sure enough, we've made it into the February issue!

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Caliente Meets the Alien’s Approval!

Caliente's TrophyWe’ve returned from the R2K v7 New Beetle car show with yet another unexpected win.   This time, instead of categorizing the New Beetles by year, David divided the cars up into 4 classes and awarded trophies to the top 5 in each.   Caliente made me proud (again) by taking home the Best Convertible trophy!

It was another fun trip!   We saw lots of our old friends and made several new ones.   Volkswagen reps were on-hand to show off their new EOS hardtop convertible car that’ll be released later this year and pass out all kinds of free goodies like t-shirts, keychains, & custom dog tags.   This year’s guest of honor was Barry Meguiar, the chipper host of Speed Channel’s Car Crazy TV show and CEO of Meguiar’s Inc. — makers of lots of the car care stuff that keeps Cali looking so good!

Click here to view photos of the show!

Third Time’s a Charm!

We’ve returned from our 3rd Texas New Beetle Roundup – the largest annual Volkswagen New Beetle gathering in Texas. I am happy to report that Caliente won 3rd Place in the Stock Class this year. In spite of the rain — which certainly made displaying cars (much less a convertible) something of a challenge — there was a good turnout for the show. It was great to see all of the familiar faces again and we’re looking forward to seeing many of them again in Roswell in June.

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Beetle-Mania Revisited

One of the highlights of the R2k v6 car show last weekend was to attend an advanced premiere of Disney’s new movie Herbie: Fully Loaded at the Fiesta Drive-In in Carlsbad, NM. Disney and Volkswagen were on-hand to arrange a recreation of a classic photo that was used in the original Herbie advertisement.

Caliente was fortunate enough to be part of this photo shoot. The photo shoot is supposed to be used in the trailers of the new movie and will also be released on the DVD. VW has posted both the new and original photos on their website. Caliente is located on the 3rd row up from the bottom in between a yellow and blue (with a ski rack) new beetle. Herbie and his girlfriend Sally are located on the bottom row.

Caliente is available for autographs upon requests!

Click here to see a larger photo of Caliente at the Herbie Fully Loaded drive-in premiere

Photos are copyrighted by Disney Enterpises, Inc.

R2k v6 – We’ve Arrived!

We arrived in Roswell at noon today and were able to get an early check-in at the hotel after stopping by Wienerschnitzel first of course!!! Normally cleaning up Caliente would be first on the list but it is so hot here that swimming bumped up to the number one spot. After a relaxing swim and a nap, we got Cali to her much needed bath and picked up our registration packet for the show. The goodie bag is outstanding this year. It includes a Herbie movie poster, Herbie antenna ball, VW Vert glow necklace, swiss-army like knife with the show info engraved on it, VW note pad, R2k coaster and a number of other misc. items. See photo below of the freebies. We are about to head out to the group dinner and glow parade. Stay tuned for more info and pictures!

R2k v6 Goodie Bag>

A 100 in the Shade

It was a hot one today – 100° in the shade!   We took Caliente to work today and drove home with the top down.   I guess summer has officially arrived in Texas.   I snapped this picture under a shade tree in our driveway.   Hard to believe its only May and we’re reaching triple digits already!

Thermometer shows 100 degrees in the shade