Texas New Beetle Roundup ’05

We’re back from last weekend’s Texas New Beetle Roundup 2005 and it was a blast! We enjoyed getting to see all of the familiar faces from last year’s show and meet many new VW owners too. There were over 50 VW New Beetles entered in the competition and, while we didn’t win a trophy in our class, Caliente placed 5th out of 14 in the “Modified Stock’ division. Considering how many of the awesome NB’s in her category that were far more tricked out, I’m proud that Cali placed so well. I have the distinction, however, of winning the “Worst Luck” prize for the cards I drew during the Road Rally/Poker Run on Sunday morning. This scavenger hunt was a real kick and we’re already revved up for next year’s.

Big thanks go out to the Dallas/Ft. Worth New Beetle Club for a great show!

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Rob & Dede pull Caliente onto the Metro VW lot Dede takes the TRNBRU 2005 'Worst Luck' prize

Back from Roswell

We just returned from the Roswell R2k New Beetle Show. It was an awesome show with lots of cool bugs. The parade down Main Street after the show was led by Dean Jones from the Herbie movies. We had fun throwing candy to the kids lined up to watch the parade. It was great to see the people from the Dallas show again and make new friends from around the country.

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Off to Meet the Mothership

We are heading out for Roswell to take our pod Caliente to meet up with the other pods for the 5th annual Roswell 2K New Beetle get togther.

This is our first time to make the trek. We can’t wait to see some of the peeps we met last month at the Texas New Beetle Round-Up and make new friends from around the U.S.

Pictures coming soon!

Cali’s a Winner!

The Texas New Beetle Roundup over the weekend was a whole lotta fun! We were finally able to put some faces with the names we’ve come to know on the Org. There were nearly 50 VW New Beetles that displayed in the show and 14 in my class (Stock). I was so shocked that Caliente won 3rd Place in her division. Especially considering all of the other awesome NB’s in her category, I didn’t think Cali stood a chance. I want to thank the TNBRU and Metro for a great show and a great trophy!

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Texas New Beetle Roundup 2004 Trophy