14 Years of Gifts & Marriagement

Rob & I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary last week.  It’s amazing how quickly the years go by and also amazing the things you accumulate over the years.

Earlier this year we had an opportunity to clear out some of the clutter when we moved but there are still plenty of things still boxed up around here that are being evaluated.  Also, in the midst of us trying to thin out our own clutter, we have had to bring in some of my brother’s things and my mother’s things.  Good thing we bought a bigger house!

As we were unpacking our kitchen a few months back, I started thinking about this post that I wanted to do.  Here we are 14 years later and we still have wedding gifts that we use on a daily basis.  These are truly gifts that keep giving, not to mention are well-made to hold up this long! That’s pretty much the reason why I tell people to get their stuff from www.kitchencapital.com.au/ and to just play it safe. I’ll bet the people who gave us these great gifts don’t even remember, but we do think of them each time we use these.

Here are a few of the best wedding gifts we received that’re still with us, all these years later:

  • Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker
  • Chicago Cutlery knife block set
  • Giant Pyrex measuring cup/mixing bowl
  • Pyrex Bowl Set
  • Crystal candlesticks
  • Ratcheting driver set toolkit

Although we no longer have it, I’ve gotta say that the most unusual wedding gift we received was an aquarium (thanks Buddy & Topper!) and most of the first fish we bought for it lasted several years.

What are some of your most-used wedding gifts?

Mother’s Day #3

Today I celebrated my 3rd Mother’s Day and I received this special card that Liam made me for me at his daycare last week.

Mother's Day Card 2010

What a great day and have I mentioned how much I love being a Mom?

I hope all you other Moms out there had a great day too!

Liam Turns 4

With the help of Siena, Little Sophie, Hailey & Zach, we celebrated Liam’s 4th birthday yesterday per his request, at his favorite play place, Chick-fil-A.  This year’s theme was Toy Story in anticipation of the next movie coming out in June.  Liam got loads of gifts at the party and a few special ones sent to him from friends & family out of town. I can’t believe how fast my little guy is growing up!

birthday party

A New Decade Begins

Snoopy Happy New Year graphic

I expect 2010 will be a remarkable time of significant changes and happenings!   It’s the beginning of a hopeful new decade and this’ll undoubtedly be a year of many special milestones.   Dede & I wish you all a healthy & happy new year!

Christmas 2009

I hope everyone had a great Christmas this year and are enjoying your holidays!   I’m finally getting around to uploading our Christmas pictures and doing a blog post.

Nanny Karen arrived Christmas Eve and Liam was so excited that she was finally here.   He had no problem turning off Cars to go pick her up at the airport.   That’s a sign of true love!   Most times he won’t even stop to eat during that movie.

Liam was wiped out from all the excitement of the day that he fell asleep early on Christmas Eve and missed out on baking cookies for Santa.   Poor little guy held out as long as he could, but the driving around to look at Christmas lights just did him in by 7 P.M.

Since he went to bed so early, we expected him up early Christmas morning but he actually slept until about 8 A.M.   Needless to say, he was quite pleased to see that Santa had not forgot him and remembered everything on his list.   Luckily for us, his list didn’t change from day to day, and he consistently stuck with Mack the truck, Play-Doh and The Lawman (Sheriff), also from Cars.   Once he saw those under the tree, he was done and we had to work over the next 3 hours to get him to stop playing long enough to come open a few gifts at a time.

First Christmas Concert

I’m a little late getting this posted but Liam performed at his first Christmas program last week.   He sang with all of the 3 year old’s at his daycare in front of their families.   After the program was over, the children joined their parents for lunch.

(For those of you reading this who’re still working on your adoption paperwork or are in the waiting stage, don’t give up, these sort of payoffs are countless!)

Needless to say, our little songbird was thrilled to see us in the audience and kept waving and saying "Hi Momma!" during the concert and my heart just melted seeing him up there so happy.   Check out his performance in the video below (he’s on the front row, on the far right in the blue vest):

Breakfast With Santa 2009

Today was our company’s annual "Breakfast with Santa" which should really be called breakfast before Santa.

We arrived as they opened at 9:00 A.M. and were still number 71 (think Southwest Airlines boarding passes).   After we had our sausage biscuit breakfast and juice, we waited for the arrival of Santa and then began listening for our number group to be called so Liam could go see "The Man."

We finally made our way to the stage about 10:30 A.M. where fearless Liam hopped right up on Santa’s knee and told him what precisely he wanted for Christmas.   It’s a short list this year — Mack the truck (from Cars) and Play-Doh.

It was a fun morning and Liam had a chance to catch up on some playtime with some of friends he hadn’t seen in awhile.

Liam with Santa
Click the photo above to see more pictures!

Halloween ’09 Highlights

Our 2nd Halloween with Liam was another eventful holiday!   It was the first time either Rob or Liam had ever carved a Jack-o’-Lantern.   The results were pretty good for a rookie effort:

Pumpkin carving

Here are more photos of the pumpkin carving.

For Liam’s costume this year, we pieced together a "Bob the Builder" outfit from borrowed work boots (Thanks Katherine!), a new pair of denim overalls & a flannel shirt found on eBay, and a toy toolbelt & hardhat from Amazon.com.   Then for his daycare’s "Barnyard Day" theme day, we just omitted the hardhat & toolbelt and renamed him "Farmer Kirby."   (Actually, the "Kirby" part was purely his own invention and we’re still not sure where it originated from.)

Liam in his Bob the Builder costume.

And you can see more photos from our ’09 Halloween here.

Finally, I never did get our pictures from Fiddlesticks Farms last weekend posted.   So just in case there weren’t already enough pictures in one post, here are a few shots from our fun October ’09 trip to Fiddlesticks Farms.

Pumpkin Patch 2009

We finally had a chance to go to the pumpkin patch today.   We had originally planned on going last weekend but the weather didn’t cooperate.   It was a great opportunity to get some camera practice in on my favorite subject and Liam loved running around through all the pumpkins.

We bought a pumpkin to carve — which will be a first for both Rob and Liam — and we also bought a baby pumpkin.

We followed up our trip to the pumpkin patch with a stop off at Barnes and Noble for some complimentary hot chocolates that came with our pumpkin purchase.

Here’s a shot of Liam in the pumpkin patch.

Liam at the pumpkin patch