We often fondly think back to our time in Moscow in Dec. ’07 when we first met Liam.   Our driver / translator / guide for that first trip to Russia was a great fellow named Pashe (pronounced Pasha).   Among other things, I got a big kick out of his ghetto cell phone ("Bluetooth?!   No, my phone doesn’t have Bluetooth; it has duct tape.") that he used almost continuously. When we met up with him on our 2nd trip to Moscow in Feb. ’08, he was quite proud of his new cell phone and the funny ringtone he had at the time. In fact, Pashe and Liam danced to the ringtone.

I asked Pashe to write down the artist & name of the song and a few months later finally remembered to look it up.   "Gitar" is a homemade handicam video by 26 year old former architecture student Peter Nalitch.   We haul this out to show people from time to time, so I finally decided to just post it here.   Rob calls it an "earworm," because it’s so cheesy-fun & infectious that you’ll have it stuck in your head for days.   So, in honor of Pashe, enjoy:

Living On the Edge

straight razor

Over at The Art of Manliness blog, Brett & Kate McKay recently capped off their “30 Days to a Better Man” series with an article extolling the manly virtues of that tapped into a soft spot I’ve long since had.

Y’see, the day before my wedding, my brother Rich (whom I hadn’t seen for several years prior due to him being stationed at a USAF base in the Philippines) & I went to get haircuts together.   We scoured the town trying to find a barbershop that offered old-fashioned straight razor shaves but we were advised that (at that time) nobody was doing them out of fear of AIDS.   So I just kinda dismissed the notion and never really looked back.

That was 13 years ago

On a whim last week, I phoned around to see if I could find a barbershop that does this now and on Saturday, I took the plunge and finally got that elusive straight razor shave I had backburnered for so long.

Was it everything I’d thought it might be?   Well, my usually-stubbly face felt as soft & smooth as a baby’s bottom and my moustache & goatee has never looked more neatly & precisely trimmed.   And to be sure, it was a distinctly masculine-feeling thing to do.   But…

I’m not sure I chose the right barber to do the task.

There were no hot, moist cotton towels or fancy facial prepwork to soften my whiskers.   No ceremonial stropping with that ominous schtick, schtick sound of the cold, glinty steel razor being dragged across a timeworn piece of leather to finely hone its edge.   No bushy badger brush clinking in the old ceramic cup of soap to whisk up a warm soapy lather.   Nope, my first ever old-fashioned straight razor shave sadly featured none of the quintessential rituals that would’ve made it so much more of a momentous venture.

There were, however, lots of nicks that stung like fierce little rattlesnake bites when the barber hit me (without warning!) with the thankfully unscented, but nonetheless very potent post-shave astringent.

Still, if you were to ask me if I’d get a straight razor shave again, I’d say “Yes!”   Now that I know that some barbers do offer this service again and I’m past the initial apprehension of having someone come at my tender face with a big, gleaming piece of sharpened metal, I do think it’ll happen again — but with a different barber next time!

Pearls Before Swine

Not long ago, I stumbled across the hilarious comic strip Pearls Before Swine and it just clicked with me right away. Well, just yesterday I discovered that the twisted & creative artist behind this, Stephan Pastis, writes a great blog that’s also named after the strip Pearls Before Swine. (Okay, sometimes I’m a little slow.)

Even before I had read that Stephan, a former lawyer, credits classic comics as Berkeley Breathed’s Bloom County & Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes as influencing his work, I had already picked up on the similar sharp & snappy satire of the Pearls characters. And you can easily tell that Pastis also draws plenty of warped inspiration from Scott Adams’ Dilbert and Gary Larson’s The Far Side. He also pays homage to loads of legendary comics by occasionally inserting their characters into the Pearls strip.

Pearls Before Swine - 02/21/2009

Pearls Before Swine - 02/21/2009

Pearls Before Swine - 09/20/2010

Command Nonperformance

Michigan J. FrogDede, Ashley & I were griping outside the daycare yesterday that we can never get our kids to repeat in public the latest especially cute or impressive thing they’ve been doing at home. I suspect getting kids to perform on cue is a universal problem that all parents must face. In fact it seems however much you’d like your child to recite or reenact some cool thing, that’s exactly inversely proportional to the likelihood that he or she will actually do so.

I call this the Michigan J. Frog syndrome.

Well after I made that comment, Dede was blown away that I even knew the name of that silly singing frog from the old Saturday morning Looney Tunes cartoons.   Furthermore, she insisted that there’s no way anyone else would ever catch such an obscure reference.   Ah, but I know that if all else fails, there’s at least one guy who would—without hesitation— know precisely what I was talking about.

So this post is for you, Pete C.!

Digitally Dismayed

As I mentioned in my Digital Daze Ahead blog post recently, analog television broadcasts will cease on February 17th, 2009.   And sure enough, it seems that many people are still unsure about whether they’ll need a digital converter box to continue receiving their favorite shows.   The government, cable companies, & many merchants have plenty of helpful advice available on the Web, but much of that info is still biased towards selling new televisions.   And opportunistic retailers are milking the public’s confusion for all it’s worth to rack up massive profits on truckloads of needless new TV sales during the holidays.

Here’s a hilarious video that perfectly captures the confusion surrounding the forthcoming switch to digital television broadcasts.   Like Clems says, it’s funny ’cuz it’s true!

Pimpin’ the Site

Trey sent us a photo this week of his son Zach that just begged to be blogged.   You may recall that Zach was quite expressive even before he was born.   Well, now he’s using his outspoken attitude & incredible sense of style to help promote our 2Dolphins website.

Zach wearing a 2Dolphins bib

After this, I’m sure you’ll all be craving our cool swag, so be sure to cruise on over to the 2Dolphins Marketplace to get your very own, limited-edition, high-quality gear featuring our custom site logo and/or graphics!

Silly Legal Disclaimer:
We reserve the right to only sell our awesome products to those interested in purchasing the stuff.   The content on the CafePress 2Dolphins Marketplace, including our snappy captions & clever product descriptions, is provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the stuff actually looking cool, having limited availability, or being constructed of high-quality materials.   The purchaser fully assumes the risk of appearing uncool while wearing our stuff — although we think you’ll be totally stylin’.



Milton & his red Swingline staplerOh yeah, I was confident in my complete mastery of the movie.   Yup, the way we spout off the lines, you’d think all of us at work had a hand in writing the script for Office Space.

Yet, when it came time to prove my stuff?   Well, not so much.   Think you can fare better?   Take the Office Space Movie Quiz for yourself and let’s just see how many you can score correctly out of the 100 questions.

A word of warning, some of these questions are brutally tough even for the most hardcore of fans!   Good luck, Lumberghs!

Big props go out to Eric J. for the link to the Bill Lumbergh Soundboard.   Pop on over there and listen to some hilarious sound clips of Gary Cole’s character from the movie.

Update:   Be sure to check out the "Office Space: Recut" that recasts Milton as a creepy, mumbling, stapler-wielding psycho in a horror flick!