Blogathon ’07 Results

Jimmy Patterson at Blogathon 2007

A few days ago, I wrote about Jimmy Patterson’s Blogathon ’07 fundraising plans.   Well, by golly, not only did he go through with living atop a scissor jack 30 feet in the air for 24 hours, but in the process, he managed to raise the 2nd highest amount of all Blogathon ’07 participants!   Yup, even in spite of annoying technical difficulties (dang webcam!), looming storm clouds, drunks congregating at Whataburger at, and the sweltering West Texas heat, he toughed it out and raised $4,293 for Midland Fair Havens!   Awesome job, Jimmy!

At last tally, Blogathon 2007 has raised over $125k in pledges this weekend for a variety of worthwile charities.

Update:   In the interim since Jimmy’s descent from his lofty perch, donations have continued to pour in, bumping the new total up to $6,353.   Not only did he far exceed his $5k goal, but he’s claimed the top fund raiser slot for this year’s Blogathon!

Spring Into Springfest!

Children's Miracle Network logo

Springfest, annual street fair/carnival benefiting Children’s Miracle Network, is next Friday, May 4th from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the MCH Main Parking Garage.

Springfest is open to the public and will have 18 different booths with tons of great food, activities, and raffles.   Several of the MCH departments have teamed up with vendors and area sponsers for awesome raffle prizes, including lots of electronics goodies from our IT department and a chance at a helicopter ride, courtesy of CareStar!

Also look for Mike & Dana from KICKS 99.1 FM who’ll be broadcasting live from Springfest.

Children’s Miracle Network is a non-profit organization founded in 1983 dedicated to saving & improving the lives of children by raising funds for children’s hospitals.   Each year the 170 affiliate MCN hospitals provide the finest medical care, life-saving research and preventative education to help millions of kids overcome diseases and injuries of every kind.   All proceeds go directly into MCH’s NICU & pediatric programs to provide a wealth of services for Permian Basin children.   Last year’s MCH Springfest 2006 raised almost $25,000!

Homeward Bound

Gretchen & Annaliese headed back to California this morning after a fun-filled Thanksgiving week with us. The week began with a trip to the horse stables for Annaliese to ride horses Texas-style. Of course, we had a great Thanksgiving with Gretchen, Annaliese, our moms & Uncle Whit. We also worked in Happy Feet and finished off the week with a trip to the mall to let Santa in on this year’s wish list. It was great to catch up with Gretchen and we gained some valuable insight on parenting.

Gretch & 'A' enjoying T-Day

Karma Dishes Out a KO Punch? Maybe Not…

In these ever-vigilant, hyper-alert times, the measures taken often cause more problems than prevented…

Case in point, Trey's PS3 Saga.

After a long, cold night at Camp Target for a PlayStation 3, he rushed home, console in hand, hoping to quickly turn a tidy profit via eBay since the demand was through the roof — PS3s were fetching upwards of $3K on Friday.

Now, the eBay folks understandably want to protect their patrons, so they had “special guidelines” for ALL PS3 console auctions. Trey created his listing in full compliance with eBay's regs, but a few short hours before the auction was due to end, the online auctioneer pulled the listing, claiming that there were indications of it being a “fake” and it'd been pulled to protect the seller and/or patrons.

Long & painful story shortened — the eBay folks wouldn't provide a single clue to what had caused Trey's auction listing to be red-flagged as suspicious of fraudulence. Once confronted, they just calmly apologized and politely refunded his listing fee.

Fed up with eBay's shenanigans, Trey posted the PS3 on a local car forum that he & a buddy started a few years back called It was listed for about 10 minutes when he received a call with an offer for $1,000 cash and, given that PS3 60GB consoles were (by that time) only selling for roughly $800 on eBay, he jumped at the offer. So after paying $100 for a girl to sit in line at Target for the first 6-7 hours while he was at work and the $650 for the console itself, he netted about $250 off the deal, a mere fraction of what he'd hoped — certainly nowhere near enough to justify the long, frosty hours spent in line.

Had the goons at “fleaBay” not pulled his auction for “his protection,” he had every reason to anticipate (potentially) a coupla Gs of profit. If they'd just made an attempt to contact him to verify the legitimacy of his auction listing, all of the heartbreak & disappointment could've been easily avoided.

Trey chalks it up to karma — like some kind of payback for his greed — but I don't see anything wrong with seizing an opportunity when all parties involved are fully aware. He didn't intend to deceive or profit from another's ignorance.

Nope, I don't consider this the heavy hand of karma giving Trey a smackdown. Instead, I think our society is developing such a heightened sense of insecurity that we cripple ourselves in defense. Sure, we'd be foolish to throw caution to the winds, but isn't there a better balance to be had?

The Payoff…

Trey’s long, cold night loitering outside the front doors of Target paid off with a voucher for a shiny, new Playstation 3. Now he has it posted on eBay and hopes to rake in some extra cash for Christmas.

Trey living the homeless life for a PS3 voucher

The Line Forms to the Right

Like elsewhere throughout the country, crazy people have lined up at stores around the Basin awaiting a chance to purchase a Sony Playstation 3. And our friend Brad (a.k.a. Trey) is no exception. He secured his 5th place position in line at 9:00 a.m. today (Thursday) at Target for one of the vouchers that will be passed out at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow (Friday) morning. Currently, PS3s that will retail at $600 are fetching upwards of $3k on eBay, so we’re hoping that the price holds up so the drinks will be on Trey next time!

Trey settles in for a long cold night in line at Target