Dining Room Finale

Just a couple of weeks are wrapping up our monster kitchen renovation project back in December ’02, Topper flew in for Christmas.  While we had him on hand, we put to use his upholstery skills to apply the finishing touches to the new "Venice" counter stools we found at Target. Here’s before:

Venice counter stools from Target

And the after:

Venice counter stools a la Topper

Fast-forward to Fall '03... The old ceiling fan died and had to be replaced...

Old ceiling fan

"Do I cut the red wire or blue?"  Tick, tick, tick...

New fixture has maple blades & nickel hardware.

New ceiling fan

After completing the kitchen, we were on the lookout for a new dining set to complement the new style.  Our table had served us well since we'd been married — and Rob had it several years prior to that — but it’s dark finish, Colonial styling, & oval shape wasn’t really a fit for us.  Finally in March ’04 it all came together.

Topper swooped into town long enough to help sell off our old dining set & nudge us forward to finally get a new one!

We also sold the even smaller - and older - table & chairs from Rob’s first apartment.

Then Dede found the new set & placed the order...

And the packages finally arrived on April 21st...

Rob broke out the power tools & captured his handiwork on the webcam...

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